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I Stink at Origami and Painting – But I Can Make Jewelry


Origami – never been my strength in crafting (along with painting and clay šŸ˜¦ )

if you like to up cycle you may have seen this video on how to decoupage a wooden bangle bracelet by Terri O:

I have a bunch of old wooden bracelets and since I stink at actual origami folding I wanted to use the nice chiyogami papers my husband bought for me this way.

Well, I started out like this

The bracelets already had some fail paintings on them, please ignore. I was going to sand them to get rid of the pictures but then decided to just paint over them with white acrylic paint.

I ripped up the paper like in the tutorial and mod podged everything on the bangle.


It just didn’t come out right. There were lots of bumps and it turns out the bangle is too small for my wrist anyway. It would be a great present from my 7 year old self to my mother but not today, oh well.

Here is the sheet of directions that came with the chiyogami papers (what is chiyogami?)

yeah right – i can’t fold like that!

But I can make jewelry – and I have really been on a stud earring kick lately – you can’t have enough earrings right?

so I took the directions and some of the patterned papers and made these!

They are 12mm wide

All I used was glass cabs, Sakura craft glue and earring posts.

so that’s my lemons into lemonade story, it actually happens to me quite a bit.

I will start one project and realize that it’s a disaster then something way cooler will come out of it. Other times it goes into this box

Does this ever happen to you? What have you made from a disaster?

and do you have a ghosts of crafting past box?


2 thoughts on “I Stink at Origami and Painting – But I Can Make Jewelry

  1. I have loads of disasters and buckets to prove it! šŸ˜¦

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