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DIY: Elastic Hair Tie Tutorial

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I was using the regular hair ties that snap and get gobs of hair balls on them and one day my husband looked at one I had on the bathroom counter and was like “YUCK!” and I realized, yes, YUCK is right! I’m tired of buying more and more several times a year so that I can snap them or throw them away in disgust!

Now I’m not one of those people who look at something and go …I could make that myself… even though a lot of times I could… because I am honest with my lazy self. I don’t even like to cook for myself when I am starving and have plenty or groceries in the fridge.

But I’ve been noticing how popular these elastic hair ties are on the internet (since I don’t actually have a physical Anthropology or Forever 21 store to shop in here) and thought i’d try making some for myself 🙂 and they could solve the above mentioned disgust. Plus with some searching for some inexpensive elastic, and planning, it really was more economical and not too difficult to do 🙂

I searched for tutorials online for these specific hair ties but couldn’t find really in depth ones – i guess people who are selling them want to keep it a secret. So here is my tutorial since I probably won’t sell them even though that was also part of the original plan, but again I’m being honest with my lazy self.

I think the people who sell them handmade like The Perfect Hair Ties and Mane Message are doing a much more professional job with more color and pattern choices so you could buy them if you just need a quick solution

but If you want to make some yourself here you go!

Supplies: scissors, measure tape, however many yards of fold over elastic (10 inch for one tie), heat source like lighter (i use matches)…umm and i guess that’s really it…

measure 10ten inches and cut – this will end up making a 3 inch diameter hair tie – which feels the best in my hands. for a head band you might need 18 inch since average women’s head size is something around 21 inches

1. fold in half making sure the silky or shiny part is on the outside
2-4. make a simple knot around your fingers
5. pull it tight, adjusting as you go to make sure there is about 1 inch of extra elastic on the outside
6. test it out! how does it feel in your hand? I accidentally made a tiny one before I figured out I need to start with 10 inches.

you could stop here and have some nifty ties our you can continue to seal them for longer use, giving as gifts, or hawking on a street corner.

here’s where my method differs from what is actually done by most. Most people use a lighter to just pass near the ends so they melt a bit but I am using matches since I have no lighters in my house and my thumb gets really tired from holding them. Either way, please use caution, do this away from your other elastics on a clear surface

not on a wooden plank on top of your bed like me

just kidding i just took the pictures there then did it on my kitchen table…

ok so i did a few right there

here is a frayed and a sealed hair tie – looks nice!
sometimes I burn the lighter colored ones a bit, when this happens just snip the burnt end off and try again.

you could get really creative and make some with a bead on them (although wouldn’t that get caught in your hair?) or a braid pattern, and you can make headbands or bracelets.


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